Rental SUP Boad 3,980JPY per 1day

What is SUP?

The Stand Up Paddleboard is called SUP, taking its initials.
The stand-up paddle board (SUP) is a marine sports originated in Hawaii, stands on a slightly larger board than the surfboard, and is a water activity that you can enjoy surfing while riding a paddle or walking over the sea.
Stand up paddle board (SUP) is said to have exercise effect and is popular sportswear also for women.

“I want to play in the beautiful sea after coming to sightseeing”

In such a case, let’s use the SUP board rental of Pasojuku rental.
As it is a type of board that inflates with air, it can be put on light cars with backpacks as large as golf bags!
SUP is a very familiar marine sports that even beginners can grasp the knack gradually as long as you play for one or two hours.
You can sit and row like a kayak and you can ride a wave like surfing. Moreover, it is possible to enjoy water yoga casually because it is a very long board.
It’s okay to ride one by yourself, or you can take a walk on the ocean happily with two people, and this summer I will definitely enjoy the ocean of the Onjyuku !

Even outside the Onjuku coast, you can enjoy relaxing at Katsuura Ubara Beach, Moriya Beach, Okitsu Beach and so on.

How to rental?

Please come to our shop. See map.
Please be sure to contact me before you use rental.
I will contact you if I can rent it.


3,980 JPY (about 36 USD)


As an option, there are life jacket, life jacket for children, air purifier etc.

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Advance reservation is necessary to apply for rental.
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The beach around Onjuku-town

Both can be reached by car from 10 to 15 minutes.